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09 December 2009 @ 12:08 am


Because you really should have ya know? ;p
Okay, i've no idea how to make those sparkly things about my name and such (glamour is fun okay).
Hello people who read my random rants on LJ! I know i know, you're probably all like, wtf?! i dont miss her *scroll* GO AHEAD SEE IF I CARES. I know you still lub me. 8D.

Obviously, i've gone insane. It's like, the words I type out dont even form correct sentences anymore. Help! I need major fangirling or something of sort.
So if you have yet to realise / get the memo, JADEY IS DONE DONE DONE FRIGGING DONE WITH HER SPM! If you're wondering what that is, tsk, you havent been paying attention! lol jk. SPM is this kinda silly overrated national exam taken by all Malaysians at the age of... +-17?
I've been exagerrating about how grueling it was and now.... ITS DAMN FRIGGING OVER. excuse my crude language, I are happy baby pajamas!

I feel so weird right about now, it's like, okay, you've studied for 2 whole years, working hard (oh really?) all for this exam - not really but whatever. Malaysia is a highly exam-oriented country. Give me 2 months and i'll forget everything i've learnt thus far. I kid you not. So after that mind whopping month-long (of you include the trials ad such it's about 3 months) exam, I cant honestly believe it's over. It's like my mind's floating or something. It's so weird. I've been wating for this day for AGES and now that it's here i'm all... whut is this?

So I come back (actually i've been back since like... 5 days ago i just refuse to admit it) from my 'hiatus' (I cant even imagine how much LJ pages i've missed. it scares me) and i find this.
Not funny Shige, NOT FUNNY. Why does everyone have to have a fail stage?! Dont worry babe I still love thee <33.

Though It's hard but I HAVE to admit, the Kfandom is sloowwwly dragging me into its warth. Like... Choi Minhwan! I blame you Suraya / oystersauce87 no seriously, she's been... kpop wiki to me. I still love you though.

Okay, so the thing on the 12th December (which is this saturday) btw, is ON!
But, there is a tiny lil problem........ I have to get though my mama-chan. But no matter what I still want this meet up done. I miss all you guys too much gosh.
Place : Sunway Pyramid
TIme : +-11am
till... dinner? or before that idek. we'll see.
Anyone is free to pop by, I honestly have no idea who's coming. So far it's just me, Sarah and.. Bena. Just give me a ring if you do decide so I can cell you where we are in sunway.
Cell: 019-6195077.

So... I took 2 very RANDOM pictures while I was studying (trying to?) last week. when I say random, i mean RANDOM. so.. they go under a cut.
Because Keichan can be elite too <3Collapse )

Just, forget you ever saw that, i'm just that stupid I guess.
and yes, those are my never-fading PANDA EYES. *shifts*

Okay maybe i have more pics.. because i'm VERY bored. (not really I just wanna post pics! 8D)
5 or 6? very random again, but of memories <3Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

(ps, title idea stolen from iruka92 )
BH 141A is kinda like our school code and 062 is my number for the exam.

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20 November 2009 @ 04:07 pm


It's kinda funny how I'm here when I said I wouldnt be till like.. 8th Dec. ;p.
I'm taking a mini break (not that much of a braek since i just spent 2 hours changing my blogskin for the nth time - the last time i changed it was 2 weeks ago. omg) since today killed me. I'm SO disappointed with what I did today. sigh. and I came how and immersed my sorrows in food. alot alot of food. LMAO. 2kgs since the exam craze began. WTF?! I need gym!

For people who know me personally and are in Malaysia :DCollapse )

Details about it will be on my blog when time comes. so heh.. www.jadeagainsttheburgers.blogspot.com I really have to start explaining my bloglink. I'm not THAT random :D

:D <--- that is so addictive.
Something random, my blog made RM0.25 LMAO. I find that entertaining. you cant blame me, I spend 6 hours a day in the exam hall. It melts my brian.

So that's about it.
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30 October 2009 @ 12:41 am

I'm back posting my last post till after taking on the thing we all fear - SPM.

My laptop was sent to fix so I havent been on since gawd knows when but in the end they didnt find anything wrong with it so... I SENT IT IN FOR NOTHING. fml.

People who know my all know i am extreamly lazy - to the point of skipping school just because I don't wanna iron my uniform. I just dont see a need to so small things (or any things for that matter) and to those who really really know me, they probably know my room is junk's ville. I don't really own many things - poor yes poor, but my room is a mess, i kid u not it is an awesome pile of mess. I cant even study in there anymore and have resort to studying on the dining table (no one else can use it now heh)

I decided to once and for all clean all my books from on the floor and papers from every corner of the room and whatever random things all around. The only thing neat in my room are my Shige things (duh?)


large ugly pics of my room and me since i have noting positive to post about. 8DCollapse )

I'm sorry to those I havent replied - I probably cant get to them anytime soon so, sorry ;(
last post till Dec 8th or 9th. wish me luck bai darlings.


OH AND, I miss EVERYTHING on LJ for the past month but just so happen to catch Yamapi's loveless PV just now, and I HAVE TO SAY IT IS AWESOME. much more than the cover of the NEWS DVD. - yes i am still bitter about it.

AND BEGO dont worry, Kpop will not eat me alive.
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09 October 2009 @ 08:54 pm
I finally finished going through more than a weeks worth of LJ. I skipped like almost 700 posts back. epic.
So I think it's been quite sometime since i've last posted and I think my LJ really deserves an update so people dont start defriending me. but then again if you dont like me and wish to do so, have fun :)

I think this post should/will be of a decent size but im not gonna cut it. Hate me if you want, Lj hates me more.
First things first, good luck to those having their PMR exams now. If you think u've got it bad, my SPM is in less than 40 days. yesh, this is me freaking the hell out. no joke.
also to those who's started school, college, universities and such, have a great new school term! Let them know how much you rock.
to those having any other sort of exams/worries/troubles/stress, good luck and keep thy head up. Life's always sweeter after the bitter.

Also, to all the people i've failed to wish "happy birthday" to, Happy Birthday. I'm sorry I fail to wish you guys on the days itself or forgot, I kinda fail at life. and all the upcoming bday folks, Happy Birthday to you guys too.
to those I owe replies and emails, wait for me!

and now on to real life.
So what has Jadey been doing these few weeks? Exams - that's what. I swear I think almost every post I've written for the past 4months have something to do with exams. My life is boring. and guess what's the 1st thing I found when I came online?
The fact that all the good graphic designers in JE is dead and all their left with are retards that are colour blind and lack something called taste. Seriously, what's the spacema there for? I'm still curious. Johnny owes us big time for this. I cannot even calm myself enough to write nice words. Even the diamond itself looks tacky. Seriously, is the designer BLIND? I hope it's just the 2Dness of the picture that doesnt do it justice. I hope it's better seen in real life than in that tiny portal they call a preview. I hope we get surprise things to make up for the ugly.
Ok, I should stop complaining. Sorry designer guy who has no taste.

On to better things!
To TINA, since I hardly see you online except on twitter, I guess you're always busy, but I RECEIVED THE AWESOME PACKAGE! Seriously, SO MUCH LOVE. I swore not to over use capslock spazz but I cant help it! ommgg I was so surprised to find the extra goodies! ILY SO MUCH. U're so awesome! and the tokidoki note. ahhh you rock so so much. It reached my friend's house Wednesday and she passed it to me yesterday (Thursday). Hurry up and get online so I can shower you with love. No joke.

and again sad things,
My phone got stolen. No one can seriously believe how sad I was. I cried for like 2 full days. Seriously. My phone is/was like the most important thing I own. Even more than my laptop or the Shige goodies I own (You know i dont joke with my Shige goodies). I am now never taking a Malaysian public bus ever again, ever. Espcially on Raya. Sorry but really. I will also refrian myself from going to Mid Valley. Sunways is my choice of mall now.
Wih this out, please cal/text me at 019-6195077. tell me who you are too please cause all my numbers are gone. So yeah. I need all ur numbers back. If u're lazy to call, comment!
and, international texts would be lovely! I usually text Clauds. And recently, Heidi - send to +60196195077.

Keep the number! I'd be bored if no one bothers me since my I'll rarely be online these 2 months. I am seriousl about not getting online for 2 months. So please please PLEASE keep me updated with all the NEWS & arashi news. Usually Bena has that job but lately she has been really busy and she also has her finals coming up. help~!

Now to some minor fangirling,
I cant believe Shige's SP thin is airing on Nov 16. 2 days before the exams of my life. (yesh I'm exagerating)  <-- however you spell that. so after 3 weeks of that, I can start Dl-ing the subs. but I have dead internet.
meaning, I wont be able to watch
- Room 0
- Shige's SP
- Diamond DVD
- My Girl
All of which i REALLY am desperate to watch. And I still havent watched puzzle! I reallly want to watch that DVD. Seriously.
If only someone would DL off of those with subs and burn them on dvds for me. Hah. dream big.

I have so many more things to say but I guess i'll have to stop here since I'm running out of time.
anyways, wish me luck, send me love and live well.

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09 September 2009 @ 04:22 pm


but, I'm too lazy to retypre everything out again.

I has new blog!

please stop by. I promise it's pretty? :D

oh oh, I need to sell some of my JE stuffs.

Anyone interested in :
1) Tegomass concert totebag
2) 24hrtv shirt - pink L size.
3) Sho's CUT mag (yesh the very sexy one)
4) Sho's +act mag (again, the very sexy one)
5) Arashi's wall calendar 09-10
6) NEWS's Calander 09-10

I really dont want to but I have to.  Whai? Hard to explain but important nontheless.


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28 August 2009 @ 07:38 pm

Im just here to say, I'm alive.

honestly, I tell mysef time over time that I dont have enough time to study and yet I sill find myself nfront of this screen and now type this post.
Oh and for perople who DID read my last post, each exam session is 3weeks, not two. WTF? FML. LOL

*inhale, exhale* It's all be over in a few months. THANK GOD. I hope I do okay. Life has no idea how much I need a scholarship to futher my studies. Ideally, Japan would be awesome. People think i'm not bad in my studies, but i'm not that good. I mean look at me now, I cant even focus right! wth?!

- Jadey

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12 August 2009 @ 10:23 am
This is so true it scares me really.
Click to see te real Jadey.Collapse )

Ok, i would like to add that this LJ is not, not, nooot, dead. Just that it has a completely useless owner. I wish I could say, EXAM WEEK! But not, this is much much more serious than that, it's non other than, EXAM MONTHS! Ok lets take a look at the summary of what i'm dealing with.

 Click to see the death of a 16 - ALMOST 17 - year old fangirl.Collapse )

On to mah next rant! The oh-so-slowness of mah fandom. So currently the only thing keeping me sane keeping me from going more insane, is my ever dull fandom and fellow LJ-ers spoiling me with love.

I mean no seriously.

Wait, what was I about to say again? 

Click to see what fake pms can do~!Collapse )

boooyy, I sound like I'm having pms. woots.
HAH! Beat you. I managed to refrain myself from inserting many unecessary emoticons. but, there's alot of capslock spamm, snarky comments and oh so fabulous Jadeh.

I would go on with this post but I think my flist would kill me.

If anyone has some nice songs, please send em to meh. I need company while I study. Bego has been causing me to have major flailings for EXILE's Takahiro. Damn you Bego~! &hearts

So, after this post, my hiatus begins! And for ppl who truely know me, U guys know I can never truelybe on a hiatus. I'm always lurking. So dont be a badass and bitchtalk about me. I'll know. and hunt u down ONE by ONE.

seriously, o---o! Why the pms talk! I think all the studying has made ur beloved Jadey go insane.

so, shower me with love, toodles mwah!
- Jadey
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24 July 2009 @ 11:29 am

Tagged by potetofurai. but also by aoki_akira and p_juchan yesterday or a long time ago.

Firstly: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.
Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Who sleeps in bed next to you?
Usually, it's kei-chan my monkey but as of yesterday, A BIG DOGGY THAT I HAVE YET TO NAME that my mum brought home from china =))

Have you ever lied to a teacher to get out of a deadline?
Just last week, I skipped my EST class cuz i was lazy and the next week my teacher saw me and asked why i didnt go, I liedand said I had to go do something with my bro and she said "if u skipped u should just tell me u skipped, there's no need for excuses" and i was like o---o whooops xD. not exactly deadline thingy but xD

What kind of books do you read?
Mostly sappy love novels and friendship novels. science fiction and fantasy o-o are meant for moves. no offense cuz i'm lame xD. all my friends are fantasy readers.

Best day of the week?
Thursday cuz no tuition =)) or Sat cuz i dont do anything! =X

What's really creepy?
THe spider my friends caught in school. Boys *rolls eyes*

Who is your celebrity crush?
Shige? But I have many o-o erm, like Sho, Nino, Ryo, Kei, blaaaa the list goes onnn XD but no one can replace Shige =))

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Mafia wars. ITS ADDICTING. o--o

What are you listening to right now?
My mum's tv and speaker spazz. Oh and my phone just rang! I'm using Kakao monotone for some reason XD

What did you eat for lunch today?
Isnt lunch time yet but I just ate wantan noodles XD


What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Gmail, LJ and facebook.

What was the last thing you bought?
Bubble tea!

What was the cutest thing you've seen today?
Christy said herself and I would have to agree XD. but the TEGOMASS tote bag is my current dream to achieve. *wicks* ohh and the HSB group uchiwa. I'm somehow loving the group Uchiwa concept.

Does the weather affect your mood?
Nope. But if it's TOO hot or rains when I need to go out, yes =) 

What is your zodiac sign?
Chinese or western? o-o Monkey. horoscope, mostly Libra but some says virgo cuz i'm at the borderline.

Do you want to learn another language?
Japanese but I reallly want to improve my Cantonese.

5 things you can't live without.
My K7701, Internet, Mama... and daily essentials.

If you could meet anyone now, who would you meet?
Kato Shigeaki.

What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
I can soo get over you =))

What are you looking forward to?
Graduation XD! well not really. cuz i graduate BEFORE this stupid exam that lasts a month long. so AFTER the exam. or the last day of the exam =))

Say something to the person who tagged you:
Sory I have a habit of spamming ur facebook. I spamm everyone o-o. XD! 

i forgot to tagg ppl.
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23 July 2009 @ 07:00 pm

 Initially wanted to do a meme and update but my lj is being crappy.

I WANT THAT HSB UCHIWA (and poster) I honestly like the concept of a group uchiwa. Idek why but yeah =))

yeeyy mama's coming home.

grats to bego on passing year 1 of law =))

Is addicted to mafia wars on facebook.

I'm over that guy XD

well, not really but i'm ALMOST there I guess? 

well, that's a lie too since he's ALWAYS around.

but that's cuz... he's an idiot! sides, too much problems annnd guess what! he has a new gf =)) YEY for him? oh well. XD

I miss my mama.

HSB UCHIWA MAKES ME FLAIL for some reason.

Wooo exams.

Uta no onii - Jadey's finally watching!

Bon Odori was fun. Met many ppls but missed many ppls.

=)) I MISS BENA!!!


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16 July 2009 @ 07:48 pm
Just wanted to say, blaaaahh I hate liking boys my age. They're all, blaaaah. XD

And friends are, hard O-----o.
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