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22 November 2010 @ 02:30 pm

-This is not a con report because I fail and dont really remember the setlist?-
Really brief summary.Collapse )

So this is me, at 2.30am and I have 2 tests tomorrow that I havent studied for YAY :D

ps, I did not proofread so idc. Have at it.
pps, I'll prolly post pictures on FB tomorrow? So... if you guys wanna see.. i'll add you guys? :D
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27 September 2010 @ 10:28 am
Since I restarted blogging, I might as well rant here huh. (I'll reply replies from my last post soon. sorry!!)

Things here past by really quickly. It's kinda scary like that.
Yesterday my mum had a mamogram and yeah.. apparently there was a huge mass. She's really depressed now. I'm barely hanging on myself. If that isnt bad enough, she went to the cadiologist today and UGH. Life's a bitch. I want to be selfish, I want my mum with me. Is that so much to ask for? Isnt that fair enough?

I dont need anything else. Just my mum. My mum and I. Yeah.

I just wanna breakdown sometimes.
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25 September 2010 @ 05:05 am
Hello :)

Yesterday I turned 18. And it was the first day of fall! Anyways, I came to realise there's no point having 2 blogs. Even more, I dont post on either of them. So im coming back! I'm closing my old blog.

Life's been weiirdd lately. Haha. I came to the states, went back to msia for 4 months and am finally back here.

I just started Highschool last week. I wanted to go straight to college at first but my parents didnt like the idea. They didnt really give me a valid reason? So yeah, no matter how, I'mma be stuck in HS for a year. It's not like I hate it, the experience is exciting and all. I mean, an absolutely different school system, it's a big change. Not saying I actually like this form of teaching/learning, just that it was waay more efficient back home. I dont mind it that much really. What I do mind is the fact that I dont learn much from school. Being my first year, they can't gimme any good classes or what not. In math and physics, i've pretty much learn everything already. Esp in Physics, omg. They take a whole week worth of classes to go over the easiest subchapter. I dont get it. Bored out of my mind. What's fun is prolly.. English, UShist and USgovt since obviously the English back home is pretty basic. I like it when I actually learn.

Also, I dont have a lunch period and no time to pee. wtf.

Besides school lol, I havent dont anything much. I met up with alkoi once. Meeting her again this sunday. Anyone wanna come join us? :)

Church has been fun. It's the only place I've made friends so far actually. The thing with school, there's no time to talk and make friends with all that runnung about and having no lunch.

I do miss home. Alot. I miss all my fangirling comm friends and of course my RL friends. I do, I do.

Anyone wanna catch up? I've missed the fandom :)) Commeent so we can talk! ;)

annndd, TGIF! :)
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20 June 2010 @ 01:36 am
Hey guys!

Im sorry I havent been Lj-ing. Hardly keeping my blog alive really www.jadeagainsttheburgers.blogspot.com vist!

So for an update on my fandom hmm, I know i'm still head over heels for Shige and/or NEWS but I just really wished they had more. Just, MORE than nothing at least. aye? NO WORRIES, I'm still in the fandom. Though due to my insane life atm, I'm kinda not up to date? so, fill me in loves!

Real life hmmms, I dont know if it's bad or good. I feel it's mostly bad though.
I'm still in Malaysia, enjoying the freedom. Honestly enjoying it WAY too much. Things may or may not have gotten out of hand. Who knows really. I'm out and about pretty much everyday. When i'm not, i'll just be FB-ing aha.

I know i've like a million major decisions to make but I really dont know how to. I just wished someone would just TELL me what to do.

I thought i've given up liking guys, wanting them to like me first but alaaaaaaa, I failed ): YOU FOOL! also the fact that i'm leaving in about a month. ish ish ishhh.

In the past 3 months, i've gained so many new experiences. Somehow it feels like more than the past 5 years of my life. I'm beginning to think it is. Sad really but true. This may sound cliche but sometimes when I look myself in the mirror I am. It's like, I sooo dont understand what I want and what I need to do. All I know is that I need help, and lots of hugs.

My brother's away for Uni. He'll be even further away from me when I leave. I miss him SO much. Seriously. We have our fair share of fights but I really need him ): 

OH, btw flist, You guys know Shige's ring? The belt one? I found a slight replica, but it's like one size only.

If you want it tell me kays? It's RM10 btw (:
IF there's still stock (:
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05 May 2010 @ 07:36 pm

Not really an updateee.

Just asking you fellas out there in KL,

Do you guys wanna get your mums orkhids for mothers day? 

I'm posting this on behalf of my bro actually. He's really working hard for this new thing of his and I wanna suport him. Too bad my mum's like half way across the world. I miss her so so much.

It's waaaaayyyy cheaper than any florist you can find. I guarentee. He delivers too!

Comment for details!

Surprise your mum this mothers day. It'll be special ♥

SORRY FOR SPAM GUYS. And thanks (:

No obligation.

And for those of you who dont know yet, IM IN KL MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. ;p Till end of June. Using my old phone number. Look me up kays?
@Syara, sorry! my phone ran out of cred. Will reply you as soon as I reload.
NYAH miss all you guys.
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21 April 2010 @ 05:17 pm
AH I just realised how much I want Tegomass's 2nd concert's plushie thingyyy! IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME GET IT PLEASEEEE. PREWWETTTYYY PLEASE O: O:

Also, the Yoko concert's hp charm. It is so cute. Practically everything from that con is cute. No joke.

I'll love you guys! haha. 

27 March 2010 @ 10:10 am
I have officially neglected my LJ. IM SORRY ):

I dont know if you guys saw my last lj post but yeah, i've migrated to the USA. I'm kinda here now. Settlling down, getting used to things here. Not that I am already though. Just saying. I'm kinda in Brooklyn, NY right now. OH we've found a place already. A small basement to live in. It's small but affordable I guess and really near the subway! Then again, subways are everywhere here.

So a week in (well not even a full week) and they've started asking me to get a job. Like realllyy forcing me. It's not like I dont understand the fact that we're poor and all but I deserve to get used to my surroundings at least! SO I gave some excuses and I guess I prolly have to get one by mid April. Sigh. I wish we were still in Malaysia where I wasnt FORCED to do stuff I dont want to. OH and if we were back home, I'd get a scholarship for my pre-U by nowinstead of being so frigging lost here.

The deal with my studies is that they want me to go back to Highschool. In which I dont want to? If that message wasnt clear enough yet. The REASON they want me to go back to HS is so I can apply for financial aid and what not for college because my mum apparently doesnt want to pay for my college 8D YAYYYY. If she wants thaaat, i HAD that back home because I aced my national exam (still dont know how i did it hmmm). I cant use those results to get a scholarship here because it's not recognised! If this was UK or whatever then maaybe. But here? no. BAH. So HS, here I come. And I'm gonna be older than everyone! So, a senior in public school, chinese, from Malaysia, and a year older than everyone. YAY I'mma stand out. buck.

*happy pill happy pill*

I havent been in the loop about everything that goes on in the fandom world. SAD. I've been so blah lately that I just give up coming online. Who knew that was even possible. I've been here for about 15 days. So far it has been cold. My aunt was like "It's weirdd weather this year, weird weird weatherrr" Coming from a tropical country, this is to colld *burr*

I have ONE LAST RANT. Skip this paragraph if you dont wanna hear it. I'm sorry. I just NEED TO RANT. So yeah, it's probably already obvious that I come from a not dirt poor but still eat by paycheck kinda family. That's why I didnt even ask for anything even though I aced my exams. Nor did my mum offer but lets not get into that. (btw, my bro isnt staying here, he's going back home to finish his studies.) So we come here, obviously we need phones. Seeing how broke my mum was because we just spent a week in Beijing, I decided to go for something decent. At first I was like, DUH I WANT A BLACKBERRY! SInce it has kinda been my dream phone for oh I dunno, a shit long time? I changed my mind seeing there was this data plan that we HAVE to suscribe to monthly. USD30 a month. So obviously I got some other phone since $30 per month for 2 years ON TOP of the monthly phone bill was too much for new residents (mind you, jobless residents). BUT OHNO have no fear, brother is here. Right. He's always wanted an iphone but he had a sudden "oh I want a bb! I must have a bb to bring home!" Right okay. And who's gonna use ur data charges while u're away? waste 2 years worth of data charges? (my phone's data is like 10bucks but it's not necessary to get it, his IS) ugh. Idek.
AND THEN, on top of that, he buys a PSP. OH HAI THERE. bah. Not to mention 2 new shoes! yaay. All paid by mama-chan while I buy the cheapest pair of shoes and pay for myself. Oh I just love you mum. ♥ No, I really do mean it.

Forgetting that and on to more important things,
NEW ADDRESS! I havent got that yet. Will be moving in 1st April so I guess i'll know by then.

Oh something funny about the people we're renting the place from. The lady has this uh son that goes to NYU Polytech studying engineering. I think. and my aunt was like "think about itt~~~" to me. Oh gawd. Is getting a bf or being in a relationship that important here? lol. It's kinda funny. My cousin goes "no! I cant lose to ur bro and my bro, I need to get a gf!" I go lol.

So so far i've been to Manhattan like 3-4 times or more. Chinatown is my cousin's 'zone' so he brings us there alot. Kinda gotten the hang of the train system too but I still need the map to figure out the stations. My first starbucks in USA was hot chocolate. 

When it all comes down to it, i friggin miss home. Like, fo serious serious. Random phone calls from zee lovely bluiiee has been cheering me up though. I ♥ you.

newskattuneito that means you, you, you and you.
DUH Sarah Ayu Jufa Bego Dyana and all you lovelies out there. uh hugs & more hugs guys.

OH SORRY FOR NOT REPLYING AS CONSISTANTLY AS I SHOULD. That's entirely my bad. Been, spazzing. Sorry! will be better from now on. (: I'll try to update more too.

ps, if you guys wanna looks for me, i'd say fb is the best place since I can log on with my phone anytime. I'm lazy to turn on zee compy. or twitter!

pss, alkoi  sorry i spazzed out on fb that day. fb was being mean to me!
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23 February 2010 @ 12:35 am

Uh i AM alive. Just, pure laziness got to me is all. Work is eating my life i guess..
I just had an urge to post to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE Sakura girl! OMG. YAAYYYYY NEWS love shall pwn everything else in my heart.

I need to sleep already so this will be a short post but i NEED to stop putting this off.

An important annoucement. I'm not sure if it'll effect any of you (dont think it will) but I have to tell you guys because u all are love.
Most know already but if you dont yet it means we've all been too busy to talk and I dont really know how to tell people (that's why im making a masterpost now). it's not really something i can just pop up in a convo.

so anyways, here goes.
VERY early March.

Sorry to tell you people like this. I have no other choice. UGH you guys have no idea how much I dont really wanna go. I'm starting to actually LIKE life here. I hate the goodbyes. (@newskattuneito that's the reason i dun want you to send me off ): I cant take it )

The one and ONLY upside to this is that I get to finally meet @alkoi and @potetofurai ! I think. If they wanna meet me at least.

other than that, NADA ):

p/s: sorry for the hugeass font. needed to get the work out.
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20 January 2010 @ 08:22 pm

Hello. Jadey's tagged! By newskattuneito  and alchemy_of_yaoi  

A. List ten habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag ten people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. I have a weird problem with my weight so when i loss some of it, I was able to see my clavicals (collarbone) clearly. And now, I'm kinda inlove with them. lol.

2. I play senarios in my head telling myself i'd do them but when the time comes I either forget or chicken out and regret it later.

3. I have a tendancy to apologise ALOT. Be it my fault or anyone else. I just think saying sorry will make things better. Truth is, deep inside i think people are annoyed by the amount of times I say it and they also prolly think it's a fake apology. I mean it everytime.

4. I find it very hard to remember names. Like, I've known you online for a loonnng time but there may be a chance I've forgotton your name. usually, when i talk to an online friend, I remember most of the conversations we've had and details about the person talking to me but I just cant seem to remember their name. Especially when their names are not related to their usernames or email adresses. I'm sorry.

5. People tell me i complain alot but I only do it to make conversation.

6. I'm a lousy leader, a great follower.

7. I dont mind listening to my friends rants or problems because I always feel honoured that chose me to tell it to.

8. Once i've had a heartfelt talk/connection with someone. Even if it is someone I know online, that's it. You're stuck for life, I love you.

9. I want to wear skirts other than my uniform but i cant, i just cant. I was even told i dont suit it! wth. but I want to wear a skirt. (:

10. I change my phone's wallpaper EVERYDAY. Today, it's so obvious what my wallpaper is. - Anan Sho ♥

Sorryyy if this was lame. I cant really think of random facts about me ):

I guess i've to tag people.
I tag,

annnd done. It took me half a day to do this. I kid you not O_O

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15 December 2009 @ 08:55 pm
So hello there, I'm back to spamm again because i've had a horrible day.

I woke up at 6am this morning to go to the govenment hospital. 6am yet I was still late and was the 3rd person admitted in the daycare ward (Daycare meaning i'm only there for a day not the kiddie ward, im no kiddie)
You're prolly wondering why the heck did I even need to go to the hospital, no worries nothing serious. I just had to take out like what? 5 teeth at the same time so that I can put braces in somewhere in the future. yeaaaah. It was awesome fun, by fun I mean I hated the crap out of it and I'm still in pain.

So I changed into those patient clothes and was pushed around in a wheelchair even thought I was walking perfectly fine. I mean, having someone older than you push you around while you're healthy is weird and makes you feel bad. From 7am I wanted till..... 11am? before it was my turn.
That's where my trouble all started.
I FRIGGING STARTED CRYING. UH HUH. I was so scared, I didnt want the stupid surgery, who cares about pretty teeeth!
I admit my teeth are a lil retarded but.. still! No need for such drama in my lifey! I havent been admitted into a hospital ward before. It was always someone else. To think that i actually used to like the smell of hospitals (i know, what?) but nowI never want to go baaccck. Meh I exaggerate yet I have these stupid retainers I have to wear for a week and a full mouth of blood!

I was put on general anestatic (however u spell that) so during the surgery I didnt feel anything. It was the before and after annnd now that i'm not so amused about. There was one of my tooth that was stuck deep inside my gum and they had to open a hole in my gum to pull it out forcefully. Like, with a small chain. wtf?! Dont things like that freak you out? They should've not told me and just did it soi wouldnt freak out. And by freaking out I meant the 30minutes worth of tears.
but the staff were nice and the doctors were awesome. They all came to cheer me up and talk me into it because I wanted to go home. I nearly chickened out. I REGRET NOT CHICKENING OUT. I'm still in immense pain. But then again, i'm glad it's over. My teeth look more horrible than before though. I cant eat. Give me my teeth back PWEASE?

After the surgery I slowly came out of the anestatic and my head was like BAM! ouch. I could move much and think much. what joy. I had to ask 4 different doctors/nurses before someone decided to actually listen to me and call my mum. They were like "where's your mum" HOW WOULD I KNOW IM NOT EVEN FULLY AWAKE YET! When my mum finally got there she told me she was waiting for me outside the surgery area for 4329052 hours and no one told her I was moved back into the ward. Silly people.
But greatful I am for their hardwork and I didnt have to pay anything o-o... yet? idek.

I still miss my teeth.

I went out with cerraazizi and newskattuneito the other day. Had fun because I totalllllyyyyyy MISSED SARAH TO BITS AND PIECES. Bena dont worry I missed you too but I saw u like a week before that so.. yeah. XD. It was just the 3 of us because no one reads my lj or wants to see me lmao.
cerraazizi got me a birthday gift fit for a queeeeen I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NO FSRS. I shall not tell my flist because people may get jealous (or maybe that's only me because I always get jealous with what other ppl have, im lame like that) ILYILYILYILYILY!
I feel bad for giving you such a crappy card but! I tried. I worked on it for like 2hours. But still! not enough. One dayyyy. (I keep saying that)

And yesh I shall leave now with my fail teeth to go continue my house marathon. OH WAIT SPEAKING OF AMAZING DRAMAS. SHIGE is a FRIGGING 98 points in Room #0. He should go up the wall. I cant wait for the next ep. Oh Shige you make me so happy <33.

I have camp tommorow despite my lack of bite power. help!
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