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27 March 2010 @ 10:10 am
I am so sorry but..  
I have officially neglected my LJ. IM SORRY ):

I dont know if you guys saw my last lj post but yeah, i've migrated to the USA. I'm kinda here now. Settlling down, getting used to things here. Not that I am already though. Just saying. I'm kinda in Brooklyn, NY right now. OH we've found a place already. A small basement to live in. It's small but affordable I guess and really near the subway! Then again, subways are everywhere here.

So a week in (well not even a full week) and they've started asking me to get a job. Like realllyy forcing me. It's not like I dont understand the fact that we're poor and all but I deserve to get used to my surroundings at least! SO I gave some excuses and I guess I prolly have to get one by mid April. Sigh. I wish we were still in Malaysia where I wasnt FORCED to do stuff I dont want to. OH and if we were back home, I'd get a scholarship for my pre-U by nowinstead of being so frigging lost here.

The deal with my studies is that they want me to go back to Highschool. In which I dont want to? If that message wasnt clear enough yet. The REASON they want me to go back to HS is so I can apply for financial aid and what not for college because my mum apparently doesnt want to pay for my college 8D YAYYYY. If she wants thaaat, i HAD that back home because I aced my national exam (still dont know how i did it hmmm). I cant use those results to get a scholarship here because it's not recognised! If this was UK or whatever then maaybe. But here? no. BAH. So HS, here I come. And I'm gonna be older than everyone! So, a senior in public school, chinese, from Malaysia, and a year older than everyone. YAY I'mma stand out. buck.

*happy pill happy pill*

I havent been in the loop about everything that goes on in the fandom world. SAD. I've been so blah lately that I just give up coming online. Who knew that was even possible. I've been here for about 15 days. So far it has been cold. My aunt was like "It's weirdd weather this year, weird weird weatherrr" Coming from a tropical country, this is to colld *burr*

I have ONE LAST RANT. Skip this paragraph if you dont wanna hear it. I'm sorry. I just NEED TO RANT. So yeah, it's probably already obvious that I come from a not dirt poor but still eat by paycheck kinda family. That's why I didnt even ask for anything even though I aced my exams. Nor did my mum offer but lets not get into that. (btw, my bro isnt staying here, he's going back home to finish his studies.) So we come here, obviously we need phones. Seeing how broke my mum was because we just spent a week in Beijing, I decided to go for something decent. At first I was like, DUH I WANT A BLACKBERRY! SInce it has kinda been my dream phone for oh I dunno, a shit long time? I changed my mind seeing there was this data plan that we HAVE to suscribe to monthly. USD30 a month. So obviously I got some other phone since $30 per month for 2 years ON TOP of the monthly phone bill was too much for new residents (mind you, jobless residents). BUT OHNO have no fear, brother is here. Right. He's always wanted an iphone but he had a sudden "oh I want a bb! I must have a bb to bring home!" Right okay. And who's gonna use ur data charges while u're away? waste 2 years worth of data charges? (my phone's data is like 10bucks but it's not necessary to get it, his IS) ugh. Idek.
AND THEN, on top of that, he buys a PSP. OH HAI THERE. bah. Not to mention 2 new shoes! yaay. All paid by mama-chan while I buy the cheapest pair of shoes and pay for myself. Oh I just love you mum. ♥ No, I really do mean it.

Forgetting that and on to more important things,
NEW ADDRESS! I havent got that yet. Will be moving in 1st April so I guess i'll know by then.

Oh something funny about the people we're renting the place from. The lady has this uh son that goes to NYU Polytech studying engineering. I think. and my aunt was like "think about itt~~~" to me. Oh gawd. Is getting a bf or being in a relationship that important here? lol. It's kinda funny. My cousin goes "no! I cant lose to ur bro and my bro, I need to get a gf!" I go lol.

So so far i've been to Manhattan like 3-4 times or more. Chinatown is my cousin's 'zone' so he brings us there alot. Kinda gotten the hang of the train system too but I still need the map to figure out the stations. My first starbucks in USA was hot chocolate. 

When it all comes down to it, i friggin miss home. Like, fo serious serious. Random phone calls from zee lovely bluiiee has been cheering me up though. I ♥ you.

newskattuneito that means you, you, you and you.
DUH Sarah Ayu Jufa Bego Dyana and all you lovelies out there. uh hugs & more hugs guys.

OH SORRY FOR NOT REPLYING AS CONSISTANTLY AS I SHOULD. That's entirely my bad. Been, spazzing. Sorry! will be better from now on. (: I'll try to update more too.

ps, if you guys wanna looks for me, i'd say fb is the best place since I can log on with my phone anytime. I'm lazy to turn on zee compy. or twitter!

pss, alkoi  sorry i spazzed out on fb that day. fb was being mean to me!
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Angelinekat_tunatic on March 27th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)

girly, Angeline is here. remember me?

Anyways, you're not the only one who has to go back to a couple of grades when moving here. When I was in the Philippines, I was in second year high school but when I moved here they have to put me back 2 years behind. which is like a year before the real high school here. so at that time I was considered a middle school student. so I went to high school twice all over again.

Anyways, why is your mom like that? and girly blackberry are really expensive and neither that great. I had one before but I didnt like it. it's only for like people who has businesses and job thing. cause it pretty much only for job like people. and that's my opinion.

chinatown is okay. lalala love manhattan. girly when i get there during my vacation or break. we will hang out okay?

Jadeyjadeyeap on March 27th, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
Yeah of course i remember!

Aw that's sad. But it's like I got HS all behind me and now i've to go back. UH. so lousy. buyt maybe it'll give me a kick of what's going on around here and help me get used to it before I go to college. yeah. let's see.

Aw I realllyy want a bb. I dunno. It's always been my dream. My mum is always like that. but then again, it's my bro's fault. he doesnt understand my mum's situation.

you've been here! come come! when's your break? i'll soooo spend a whole day with yeh!
Angelinekat_tunatic on March 27th, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)
at first it's gonna feel like that but as you get used to it. it will be different. just like u said, it will help you to find out how things work in here.

when are u starting school? and will you be in 11th or 12th grade?

just get a phone that will let u text and call people. it doesnt matter what kind it is as long as it works good with you and that you like it

girly, i live in NY. though not there in NYC. i live somewhere in NY state. i live like 4 hours away from NYC. so i go there during my breaks. haha yeah, let's spend a day together. :)
Heathuurrbluiiee on March 27th, 2010 08:52 pm (UTC)
Uugh, so i typed out this long long reply and then accidently push backspace and it all goes bye-bye.
This would happen to me o___o.

ANYWAYZ, first i just wanna say Im so sorry you're having a rough time adjusting here x_x. for some weird reason i feel like its my fault for not being more helpful =(

Next about school: I notice that you're frustrated because you're missinformed/misunderstanding some things.
1. You wont stand out. x) most seniors are 18, there are many Chinese in NY =) People will think its cool that you're from another country OR they probably just wont notice.
2. You dont have to be a HS student to apply for financial aid. You apply for a school, you apply for aid [often automatically]. Example, home-schooled students dont attend officail HS, but they get into college just fine.
3. You're the last person on earth who needs to worry about paying for college. You're a minority AND you're from a lower income AND your smart. Trust me, you'll get a full ride. DONT ARGUE WITH ME MISSY.
4. Actually, i feel like some schools WOULD recognize your SPM. its possible. If not, you can just take the SAT. You dont have to be an enrolled HS student to take the SAT persay. Homeschooled kids arent technically enrolled.
5. SAT is a pretty short test. 3 hours about? If you want to take a practice SAT online, just ask. I'll give you a weblink and give you my library info so you can do it =) Its just reading, grammar, and math.
6. Getting into an American HS wouldnt be as hard as you're making it out to be. You'd probably just have to meet with the principle and explain and they'll admit you :3.
7. If you're SUPER worried about college, TALK TO A COLLEGE ADMISSIONS COUNSELLOR. hit up a random college (that you're intrested in i presume) and get the number for the counsellor. it wont cost you money, and they're VERY heplful. some colleges even have it where you can chat online with a admission counsellor =)

Fandom: Darekiss came out :3 aww yeah bb!

Well, idk what else to say... i feel like by me throwing information at you i'm failing to comfort you and just making matters worse Y_Y. soo im really sorry! =( Sorry if im stressing you out Y__Y. I feel guilty and IDK why.
If you feel stresed by me just tell me and i'll give you space =o.
I vote next phone conversation is just crazy dorkness and no seriousness (unless you decide you have a Q).

Y_Y ILYthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssMUCH!.
Jadeyjadeyeap on March 28th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
Lemme straighten things up. NOT YOUR FAULT NOT YOUR FAULT NOT YOUR FAULT. I just miss my home and friends a lil too much is all. Nothing you can/could help with anyways so no worries k? In fact, u're the one helping me cope. So dont think like that okay?

Well, i told my mum and aunt and everyone that but no one will listen to me! and they're just doing as they please with MY life. Idek. I just, give up trying. BAH.

YESH! Darekiss! I havent even watched yamanade yet. links to subs pleaseee?

You're not making it worse dearie. on the contrary i feel like giving u a big hug to thank you for all youve done. i love u to bits and bits and bits. *hugs*
OH wanted to ask, how much DID that phone call cost you?

ryoshige: elite looksryoshige on March 28th, 2010 12:44 am (UTC)
to see u r posting here has made me so demn happy today..
miss u soo much *hugs u tite*
be tough babe im sure u can survive.
u r our jadey after all ~~

gimme ur number...
miss chatting with u..
well im not going to call u lotsa time but from time to time will sure do ryt??

really miss u here *sad*
Jadeyjadeyeap on March 28th, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
SORRYYY I didnt reply. Life just got to me i guess. Spam me in fb! i'll deff reply asap. I miss u like hella. I miss all u guys. *HUUUUGGSS*
thanks alot *sends you love*

hahah okie 1-347-705-9098. i'll be using this till my brother leaves which is.. april 8th. so.. after that i'll be using 1-347-705-9100.
GAH I miss it back home..
and to find out that darekiss is airing in malaysia right as a left is painful! BAH!!!!

): ):
syarashin: tegomasssyarashin on March 29th, 2010 06:35 am (UTC)
hi there.

i am surprised, happy, sad, everything is mixed up when i see this post.
i miss you.

sorry to hear how hard your life is at the moment.
but hey, don't be sad, everything will be fine, seriously.
it's normal to feel this way when we're new to something since we're not used with the situation.

you know, the first person i was thinking when SPM results were out was you.
yes, you. see, you're important to me

Darling, enjoy the coldness there.
M'sia is as usual extremely HOT! warm. But recently rain comes :D
But still, the temperature isn't dropping :(
Just a little bit though.

I really hope you're okay.
If it's you, everything will be fine :)
Jadeyjadeyeap on April 1st, 2010 12:45 am (UTC)
Hey girl. Im so sorry for always replying late. everything is still a little hectic here.

I'm honestly surprised! and honoured! and touched mostly that you thought about me first. I have good news to tell you though, i'm going back to kl for awhile. not for long though. because i have a jpa interview next week.

enough about me, how are you?!
and thanks alot for all the encouraging words, they really do mean alot to me. it's times like these where i find who my real friends are &hearts.
syarashinsyarashin on April 1st, 2010 04:27 am (UTC)
No, I do understand your situation so replying late is not a big deal. Just that we are worried about you.
My sister, crixivan sends her regard to you.

It's natural thing to do since I don't know much people same age as you :P Oh really? When? Do tell me okay. I'll send you my phone number through email :)
Can we meet for a while? I mean with K Jufa, Bena (if possible), Sarah, K Ayu and others. But it is just if everything is possible.
I can meet you anytime though since I'm on a lo-ng holiday before my degree.
JPA interview? Wow. You don't even need to tell your result :P

I'm fine here. Really fine since I'm not studying yet. So there's nothing to worry about. LOL. My pleasure darling. Maybe today's your day. Who knows about tomorrow? Maybe I need them more than you do. Well, who knows right?

Take care Jadey ♥♥

Jadeyjadeyeap on April 1st, 2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
You are just an awesome soul. Seriously, how awesome can you be?!

I'll be leaving NY tomorrow and reaching KL on saturday i think. I wont be free till after the interview which is next thurday. But after that i'll be free since i'd just be waiting for my results.

Dont even need to tell you my results. U think too highly of me dearie. &hearts. When does ur degree start? Maybe we can go watch darekiss together when it airs? When DOES it air?

syarashinsyarashin on April 1st, 2010 05:46 pm (UTC)
LOL. I'm not even close to the A word. Really.

Hmm, next Thursday? I think I'll be around. My degree will be starting only on late June or early July. Still a lo-ng way to go. Haha. I still have time here to main-main first :P

I don't even know when it will be aired. There's not even a single clue >A< I really hope they will tell us ASAP. I can't wait any longer T_T
Jadeyjadeyeap on April 3rd, 2010 11:51 pm (UTC)
Well, not exactly on thurday but anyday after that i suppose (: I also wanna watch kaiji. Interested?
syarashinsyarashin on April 6th, 2010 07:09 am (UTC)
Chotto, what's kaiji? :P
Kiritani Saayatheivorykeys on April 1st, 2010 02:40 pm (UTC)
Hey, jadey.

I don't know you all that well and I doubt you even know who I am but I send my regards to you. I hope you do well. I'm sure you will. (:
I'm sure NY will be a wonderful place to be. It's all about getting used to it and living as we go.
Fangirls are there for each other when needed.
Jadeyjadeyeap on April 1st, 2010 03:24 pm (UTC)
Hey! thanks alot. I'm feeling alot better already (:

Well, yeah, I dont really know you.. yet (: we can always start somewhere. Right? I could be a good friend too. up for it?
Kiritani Saayatheivorykeys on April 1st, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
I know you can be. (: You betcha.
I'm Shern Lyn. A sixteen year old come 27 May and a terribly NewS obsessed fangirl. I write fanfiction of Hey! Say! JUMP and haven't really branched into NewS yet since I guess writing fanfictions with older males count for more mature stories. ;p
I'm from Subang Jaya and go to Assunta Secondary School. SPM's scary. I like Add Maths and Chemistry. (:
I've so far fangirled over NewS for two years and counting. If it isn't obvious, my ichiban is Massu-kun. I started my JE fangirl-ness with Hey! Say! 7 on Music Station and moved on to Arashi for a brief moment and finally settled on NewS with HSJ coming a close second.
I'm a huge SuJu fan and cried at their concert recently. :D
I hate KAT-TUN ;p
Em...What else ah? lol
Jadeyjadeyeap on April 4th, 2010 12:24 am (UTC)
I suck at replying on time (x sorry.

I'm Jade - mostly known as Jadey. Idek why but everyone just instictively calls me that. I turn 18 this september.
I became a NEWS fan thanks to hana kimi. I fell for Toma which lead me to Yamapi which lead me to NEWS - mainly Shige. I have a very large bias for Shige but I love em all dearly :p
I also tend to fangirl Arashi. Then HSJ and K8 comes next.
I contribute very little fangirl wise. ): boo me for that. but i used to be kinda super active in the malaysian NEWS fans society. thanks to migration, not so much anymore. We used to gather like every month or something like that. haha. I'm also very undisiplined when it comes to updating my journal. Been a fangirl for.. nearly 2 years I guess. Cant really remember but I was an anime fan before a Jpop/JE fan.
I'm Malaysian but I migrated to NY like a month earlier. Ironically, I'm back in KL atm due to some... stuff. blah.
I htae KATTUN too (: Jin is horrible but Kame's a good actor. ... Maru looks (:

I'm highly addicted to Jdramas but my internet never allows me so.

I finished my spm last year and results were unexpectedly pleasent 8D Still can't believe it. Add maths me no likey that much but when you get the hang of it it's not as bad as people interpret it to be. I like Bio. I'm leaning to futher my studies in engineering in which everyone is surprised about. idek why. but i'm the i-dont-know-what-i-wanna-do type. It's fairly irritating. HAHA.

I'm extremely sentimental and I treasure friends like nobody's business. So if u're a friend, u're a friend. (:
Kiritani Saayatheivorykeys on April 6th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
Nah, you're busy. Forgiven. (:

I know. It's like upon instinct to call you Jadey. ;p Yeah. I can stick my number one but I cannot rank my last member. It would have to be Ryo though
I'm not much of an Arashi though. My sister's more of an Arashi fan though I'm super in love with Sho and Aiba. Sho because he's so uer smart and Ai-chan just because he's like the black sheep. (: I used to like Nino when I first discovered Arashi though.
I'm like barely what you would call a davoted fangirl. I don't bother buying their magazines and all my information comes from the Internet. I'm highly addicted to Jdramas but I barely find the time to watch them and plus my computer is uber slow.
And I would be active in the community with what like attending gatherings but unfortunately, my parents don't permit to go out without parental supervision. TT
You know what's funny? I love Add Maths but I absolutely hate Bio. I'm only in Form4 but I can barely understand a single thing to do with Bio. And it's only the first three chapters. How am I going to endure a year? I'll probably drop for SPM.
I love Chemistry too.
P.S. It's probably because I have private tuition for Add Maths and Chem. And my teacher is awesome. ;p
I want to study English and probably go lecture in Japan. A dream come true. (:
Oh, and I want to learn sign language because of Keiichiro and the thing he did for the 24HourTV. I cried when he cried. It was so touching.

Oh my, I'm extremely sentimental too. I'm the type to forgive easily but I'll never forget. When I'm your friend, be sure that I'll forever be your friend no matter how much you've hurt me. I'm that soft. (: And in relationships, I give my all. ;p
Jadeyjadeyeap on April 8th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
... I would have to say mine would be either tego or yamapi. whoops. but still, love them all. I pretty much like everyone in Arashi but mainly Sho. Because he's ikemen and he's almost exactly like shige or i mean shige's almost exactly like him. -- my type i guess? lol. The only one i dont really like in arashi is Jun. idek why but.. meh.
I LOVE concert goods but our currency forbids me from buying them. That doesnt stop me from trying though. My interent now barely lets me reply mail blah.
Well, u're still young so I guess that's reasonable? (not that im that much older but (x ) idek. My mum sometimes encourages me to go out cuz i'm stuck infront of the com all day if not.

Oh wow. Biology... It's mainly memorizing so.. yeah. good luck!! Chemistry killed me in form5 sigh.
Ah sign language. They're teaching that in ymca.

true true SO true. I'm exactly the same. Never been in a relationship though. So i cant really say much on that. i WANT to though. be in one i mean.
Kiritani Saayatheivorykeys on April 14th, 2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
I can't decide between Sho and Aiba. (: And YES~ Agreed. I hate Jun too. There's jsut something about him that I can't stand. He's so gay.
Oh yes. Our currency is like this giant hazard to fangirls. It's so small that when you want to buy things...it's totally impossible. And I don't even have my own credit card and my mom definetely will not allow me to buy it...
Oh, even if I'm stuck in front of the computer all day long, my mom still doesn't encourage me to go out. Most of the time because I will not have transport to and fro. And my mom hates sending me.
Yeah. I suck big time and memorisation. I'm like much better with calculations and knowing the base idea of everything...I can't get head to tail of Bio but I still got a B for the first term exam.
I've got private tuition for Chemistry. ;p
Pfft. Like my mom would ever allow me to go there. She doesn't even know where it is. And neither did I
yan_desuyan_desu on April 4th, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC)
Jadey! Was waiting for updates from your other blog. Glad I came here instead. XP

Hope you're doing fine over there! If you adapt quickly I bet high school there would be more fun than in Msia. Minus your friends but what da heck right? Make the best out of it!

Sorry about the BB though. My friends love it but I have not caught on to the craze just yet. X)

With love from Malaysia! *hugs*